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Your friend has invited you to join the exciting world of Klink, where you can hodl, earn rewards and grow your portfolio every week with our no loss prize draws.

What is Klink?

Hodl and Earn

With Klink, you can securely store your digitalassets in your own prizelinked wallet and enter weekly cash prize draws for the chance to win big.You wil lrecieve tickets for every deposit and with your bonus tickets, your chances of winning are even higher! The max prize is $1Million and your assets are secured by industry leading custodial solution.

Drawing and prizes

Each ticket contains a set of numbers: you only need three numbers in common with those Drawn to win cash prizes.The highest prize is $1Million if you match all 7!.

Your New Favorite Wallet

As an industry-leadingprize-linkedwallet, Klinkoffers you a number of benefits. Not only do you get to participate in weekly cash prize draws with the chance to win big, but you can also securely store your assets and grow your portfolio with out any risk of loss.And, with the ability to withdraw your assets at anytime,you have complete control over your investments.So,join Klink today and experience the unique combination of hodling and earning rewards for holding your crypto!

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